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Fully immerse your dispatchers and first-responders into a scene with real-time video, dynamic location caller location, and live chat from Carbyne's c-Live Universe. Combined with CentralSquare's industry-leading CAD and MDT platform, you have the ability to harness mission-critical information like never before.

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The Power of Carbyne Embedded in CentralSquare CAD

Icon showing a globe and lock.

Dynamic location shows a caller's location within 15 feet

Icon of a video window.

Live video from a 911 caller directly to dispatch and mobile

Icon of a hand holding a badge with a checkmark inside.

Dispatch can empower responders with real-time situational awareness

Public Safety - CAD (Pro)

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Carbyne + CentralSquare Demonstration

A short, 45 second video demonstrating the power of our combined solutions.

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