July 31, 2020

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Lawrenceville working to cut down on police response to security system false alarms

Security systems alerted the Lawrenceville Police Department of potential break-ins 2,473 times in 2019. All but six of them were false alarms, according to police data, but officers responded to every one.

The Lawrenceville City Council could soon pass an ordinance designed to cut down on the number of these false alarms. Lawrenceville City Council approved a contract with Florida software company Central Square technologies Monday that will allow the company to create a registry of all alarm systems in Lawrenceville homes and businesses, according to city documents. Central Square will then work with the city to develop an ordinance related to false alarms. What form that will take has not been finalized, but it will likely involve fines; the contract between the city and Central Square describes the partnership as one that will bring revenue to the city.

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