November 22, 2019

CentralSquare Expands Interconnected Public Safety Network in Georgia

Virtually connecting 911 computer aided dispatch (CAD) systems in more than 30 Atlanta-area public safety agencies enables the nearest first responder to reach an emergency up to two minutes faster

Lake Mary, FL, November 22, 2019 — CentralSquare, the leading provider of public safety and public administration software in North America, announced today that it has accelerated the development of an interconnected 911 dispatch system in Georgia, with more than 30 agencies in the Atlanta area already eligible to leverage access to CentralSquare CAD-to-CAD. As a result, these agencies are gaining real-time situational awareness across their jurisdictions which can cut emergency response time by up to 2 minutes per incident.

Millions of calls come in every year to public safety agencies across America. Yet, due to jurisdictional boundaries and dispatch locations, the closest available unit might not always be the one responding, resulting in valuable time being lost. An interconnected CAD network among public safety agencies helps solve this problem.

With the interconnected dispatch network, CentralSquare is helping multiple Atlanta agencies on disparate computer aided dispatch software solutions operate and communicate with each other as if they are on a single system – thereby reducing response time and saving lives. The state of Georgia is just one example where CentralSquare has built a readymade network primed for CAD interoperability. More than 30 agencies in the Atlanta metro area already have the foundation required to be included in this interconnected CAD network.

Hundreds of agencies across the United States use CentralSquare CAD-to-CAD to shorten emergency response time. For example, Orange County, CA, has reduced time per request from an average of two and a half minutes to just 15 seconds – saving critical seconds on every drowning, cardiac arrest and life-threatening emergency.

Seamless CAD-to-CAD connectivity between law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies delivers deeper situational intelligence and access to the most up-to-date data during an evolving crisis. With this interconnected dispatch network, CentralSquare is erasing the lines separating cities, towns and counties so that critical emergency response information can flow effortlessly and automatically to the closest first responder, expediting emergency response and saving lives.

Save up to 20 minutes on misdialed calls
Maximize interoperability and speed up response