August 9, 2019

CentralSquare’s Unified, Nationwide 911 System is the Top Innovation at Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials’ (APCO) Annual Conference

Virtually connected 911 computer aided dispatch (CAD) systems enable public safety communicators to dispatch the nearest first responder to reach an emergency up to two minutes faster

Lake Mary, Fla., August 9, 2019 — CentralSquare, a leader in public sector software, announced today that it will participate in the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials’ (APCO) Annual Conference being held August 11-14, 2019, in Baltimore, MD. Exhibiting from booth 823, CentralSquare will demonstrate its unified, nationwide dispatch network and showcase its fully interoperable Public Safety Suites Enterprise and Pro, which include Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), 911, Mobile, Records and Jail solutions, among others.

Millions of calls to 911 centers are made each year. At the other end of each call is a citizen seeking immediate, life-saving help. However, the calls come in to thousands of different primary and secondary dispatch centers that use multiple types of software systems. As a result, dispatchers often are hindered from easily identifying, deploying and coordinating emergency resources across jurisdictions. This leads to potential delays in responding to life-threatening emergencies.

With the CentralSquare Public Safety Suite, multiple agencies on disparate dispatch systems can operate and communicate with each other as if they are on a single system – thereby reducing response time and saving lives. Upon deploying the platform – with built-in, two-way integration between CAD systems – these communities are able to seamlessly integrate law enforcement, fire and EMS resources with their neighboring communities while preserving the autonomy of each dispatch center.

Further, with CentralSquare 911, agencies gain a fully integrated system for coordinating the fastest multi-agency, multi-discipline and multi-jurisdictional response among law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies. Receiving text-to-911 calls, sending outbound text messages and locating callers by accessing phone coordinates are critical key functions every dispatch center must be able to do to. In one example, Hamilton County 911, TN, utilizes automated text reply to confirm whether or not a wireless, abandoned call was accidental. The functionality has helped reduce telecommunicator time by 2 minutes per abandoned call and is currently clearing 36% of total wireless, abandoned calls, ultimately leading to a savings of approximately 400 hours each year. Equipped with the best Next Generation 911 system that leverages a voice and data platform and brings CAD and GPS location information into every call, dispatchers have unparalleled access to caller information – even if the call did not come through 911 – to send the right responders to the right place faster.

With a public safety customer base of more than 5,000 agencies throughout North America, CentralSquare holds the top market position in public safety software. In connecting these agencies to the largest public safety network across the continent, CentralSquare’s broad and unified technology platform delivers unparalleled access to shared data and information across cities, towns, counties, provinces and states.

CentralSquare encourages APCO attendees to visit booth 823 for personal demonstrations and one-on-one discussions with company leadership and subject matter experts. Additionally, Rich LeCates, Director of CentralSquare Labs, will share his experience as a former law enforcement professional and explore how agencies’ CAD systems can do more now and in the future to maximize first responders’ time and effort. His presentation will be Monday, August 12, noon-12:30 p.m., in the Exhibit Hall Presentation Theater.