September 8, 2021

Chatham County, Georgia Selects CentralSquare Technologies’ Enterprise CAD, RMS, Mobile and Analytics Solution

CentralSquare Technologies, an industry leader in public health software, announce that Chatham County, Georgia selected CentralSquare’s Enterprise CAD, RMS, Mobile and Analytics solution to replace an aging legacy system that did not allow for interoperability between their nine participating agencies.

With CentralSquare’s Enterprise CAD, RMS, Mobile and Analytics solution, Chatham County will be able to reach their goals of decreasing response times and increasing their ability to share resources and appropriately dispatch first responders as needed for mass incidents. By replacing their aging legacy system, Chatham County will no longer have to make constant modifications to their system, saving them time and money.

Chatham County is anticipating a cost savings with the CentralSquare solution due to the configurability and the training that will be provided by the CentralSquare team on how to manage the software themselves, giving them fewer IT headaches.

Not only will Chatham County be able to upgrade their system to meet their unique needs, but they know they are backed by a strong and growing company in CentralSquare.

“CentralSquare offered us better quality, lower prices, and unique website features. They met the technical requirements and had features such as CLQ, auto dispatch, and reporting that exceeded their requirements. We felt comfortable and supported by the CentralSquare team throughout the whole process,”  said Kelvin Lewis, Program Manager, Chatham County.

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Boost situational awareness with tablets, smartphones and wearables
Cut reporting time in half
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