Logo for Intersections, CentralSquare's employee resource group for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) & Allies.
Intersections: Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) & Allies Group

CentralSquare BIPOC & Allies are dedicated to advancing the goals of inclusivity and diversity at CentralSquare by celebrating minority achievements and promoting compassion toward underrepresented groups through education and awareness.

Logo for Elevate, CentralSquare's employee resource group for Women in Leadership.
Elevate: Women’s Leadership Network​​​

CentralSquare Women's Leadership Network seeks to ELEVATE by encouraging and empowering women throughout the organization to lead in building smarter and safer communities.​​

Sponsor: Sara Grilliot, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Logo for Out Front, CentralSquare's LGBTQ & Allies employee resource group.
Out Front: LGBTQ & Allies

Out Front highlights employees of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. We actively promote a friendly, safe, and inclusive environment within CentralSquare.

Sponsor: David Zolet, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Logo for AdaptABLE, CentralSquare's employee resource group for Disability Awareness & Support
AdaptABLE: Disability Awareness & Support

AdaptABLE’s mission is to foster an inclusive community advancing equality for the differently abled within the CentralSquare organization by advocating and building awareness about creating an innovative and inclusive workplace.

Sponsor: Adi Kavaler, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Logo for United in Service, a CentralSquare employee resource group for veterans and first responders.
United in Service: Veterans & First Responders

The mission of United in Service: Veterans and First Responders Employee Resource Group is to unleash the maximum potential of CentralSquare employees to drive business success by advancing diversity and inclusion of veterans and first responders who share common backgrounds, experiences, interests and/or goals.

Sponsor: Tim Boyle, Chief Transformation Officer (CTO)

Logo for Insight, a CentralSquare employee resource group for experienced employees
Insights: Experienced Talent & Allies

Insight’s mission is to leverage the industry knowledge, skills and insight of experienced talent to support CentralSquare’s goals and employees while bringing value to the customer experience. 

Sponsor: Barry Medintz, General Counsel