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False Alarm Management (Powered by CryWolf)

Public Safety - False Alarm Management (FAM)

Reduce your false alarms by up to 60%

False Alarm Management integrates with your CAD and RMS to automate false-alarm processing, preserve your resources for true emergencies and maximize your collections.

Citations and Crash

Public Administration - Citations

Cut time spent writing tickets from 10 to 2 minutes.

Increase your officers’ safety by reducing the amount of time they spend on traffic stops. Importing the driver’s information directly from a scan of their license means your officers spend less time on the side of the road hand-writing citations or crash reports.

Fire Records (powered by FDM)

Public Safety - Fire Records (powered by FDM)

Gain insights with a more sophisticated fire records system

CentralSquare’s Fire RMS (powered by FDM) provides a seamless environment that streamlines your data collection for Fire incidents including personnel, apparatus, property details and investigative findings. Our integrated reporting features allow departments to better utilize available resources based upon analytical data to reduce response times and save lives. Once reports are completed, Fire RMS allows agencies to generate and submit required state and federal reports.


Public Safety - Crime Mapping

Give immediate and accurate crime data to your citizens

Engage the public in crime prevention and enhance your agency’s transparency by releasing generalized crime data via a citizen-facing website, searchable by specific addresses or area.

Field Training Online

Track training evaluations using a web app

Enable your agency to easily duplicate an existing paper-based evaluation method or create a totally new system to fit your needs, using a web-based application. FTO is integrated with your CAD and RMS and offers easy security management and daily activity tracking for trainees.

IMC Suite

Public Safety - IMC Suite

Rapidly deployed software for small- to medium-sized agencies in the Northeast

Automate your critical operations with the IMC-integrated, single-platform system in as little as 60 days. Enter data once into the fully integrated software suite, and it’s shared between CAD, Mobile, Law RMS, Fire RMS, Jail, Civil, Detective and Administrative. The IMC Cross Agency multi-jurisdictional network allows for real-time instant data sharing between participating agencies.

Police-to-Police / Police-to-Citizen

Public Safety - P2P and P2C

Internet-based portals for secure information sharing

The Police-to-Police (P2P) data-sharing application allows your agency to share select data with other participating agencies while maintaining complete control over your own RMS. The Police-to-Citizen (P2C) application is an agency-hosted portal for citizens to retrieve, enter and print reports.

EMS Billing / CAD (Powered by Respond)

Public Safety - EMS Billing

Stay ahead of regulatory changes and technology trends in EMS

Manage emergency and non-emergency call taking, dispatch and billing. Access a wide range of modules and detailed reporting options to optimize the billing process, improve payer intelligence and increase revenue. Fully connected mapping with seamless integration to ANI/ALI and ProQA helps you collect accurate information and send the right responders faster.

What solutions do we offer?

Maximize interoperability and cut response time 
Plug-and-play public safety suite
Maximize interoperability and speed up response

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