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AUG 24, 2022



CentralSquare Technologies Partners With UrbanLeap to Reinvent the Public Sector Procurement Process

Joint Customers Can Leverage Data and Standardization for More Efficient and Effective End-to-End Procurement

Lake Mary, FL (August 24, 2022) – CentralSquare Technologies, an industry leader in public sector technology, announced a strategic partnership with UrbanLeap, an end-to-end procurement solution and service designed by, with, and for local governments. This partnership provides government entities a solution to take control of the procurement process within a single platform to develop, publish and evaluate bids.

“We are excited to partner with UrbanLeap to offer our customers a centralized procurement process along with our CentralSquare solutions to help them save time, improve transparency and simplify operations,” said CentralSquare CEO David Zolet. “Our customers will be able to seamlessly manage all aspects of running a smart community while improving financial planning, management and procurement.”

Government agencies need a simplified way to organize and assess solicitation to support their day-to-day work. Most cities do not use any procurement software and often face challenges managing the procurement process. This can lead to wasted time, increased costs and significant manual work needed to properly review and organize vendor proposals.

UrbanLeap and CentralSquare’s collaboration will help customers achieve the best outcome for every financial process, from procure-to-pay, saving time and money, increasing the quality of responses and centralizing the procurement process. This ultimately helps to improve operations across public administration departments and levels, including the city, town, or county managers, purchasing and procurement officers, finance directors, and department heads.

“This partnership provides a data-driven digital template for any solicitation type, resulting in agencies better managing finances while boosting the quantity, quality, and diversity of inbound vendor proposals,” explains UrbanLeap CEO Arik Bronshtein. “UrbanLeap and CentralSquare will enable governments to procure the right solutions that best fit their needs and give agencies more time to focus on delivering services to their constituents.”

This partnership supports government innovation as agencies can learn from and build upon the work of peer agencies rather than developing solicitations from scratch. Agencies can clearly outline procurement guidelines to ensure compliance for all vendor proposals before evaluating and contracting for solutions, resulting in faster and more confident procurement of new technologies.

CentralSquare and UrbanLeap will continue to support agencies as they streamline work and meet the future demands of local governments across North America.

About CentralSquare Technologies:

CentralSquare Technologies is the largest independent public sector software provider that powers all aspects of managing local government to build smarter and safer communities. Public sectors across North America use CentralSquare to enable efficiencies and a seamless end-to-end integrated experience by using innovative, cloud-based solutions and automation. CentralSquare’s scalable technology helps state and local agencies thrive operationally, even during states of emergency in public safety when every second counts. Its intuitive enterprise software also includes user-friendly platforms to support public administration agencies with finance, asset, compliance, case management and much more to drive better public experiences.

As the market driver for advancing safety and justice with innovative technology, CentralSquare serves 3 out 4 citizens across North America. The company is headquartered in Lake Mary, FL and has locations in North Carolina, South Dakota and British Columbia. More information is available at CentralSquare.com.

About UrbanLeap:

UrbanLeap is reinventing the public procurement market. Our cloud-based, data-powered platform helps public servants reuse the work of their peers, reach 100% of the relevant vendors, and conduct an intelligent and fair evaluation process. With UrbanLeap governments achieve the best outcome for every purchase — on time and within budget.

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