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SEP 09, 2021



Warren County Tennessee Selects CentralSquare CAD+911 Pro Software Solution

CentralSquare Technologies, an industry leader in public safety software, announced that Warren County, Tennessee has selected CentralSquare’s integrated CAD+911 Pro solution with the goal of updating and streamlining their current CAD+911 system, improving accuracy and having better access to data.

With CentralSquare’s CAD+911 Pro solution, Warren County will be able to better integrate their CAD and 911 workflows, locate cell phone callers more accurately and get first responders on-scene faster while creating customized dashboards to display real-time data that fits their needs.

Once implemented, Warren County will upgrade their CAD+911 system to meet their unique needs, and they know they are backed by a strong and growing company in CentralSquare.

“We felt we got a lot of value from CentralSquare’s CAD+911 Pro solution. It was important to have convenient access to our historical CAD data, which they could provide. Additionally, we know CentralSquare has a ton of experience and knowledge in this space and could support our needs and give us trusted advice,” said Warren County ECD Executive Director, Chuck Haston.

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