Public Admin - Analytics

Intuitive, not geeky

CentralSquare Analytics features an easy-to-use interface that enables you to create and run reports right from your screen. No longer do you have to involve someone else like IT staff to write reports. Instead, you have the power to create the reports you need to make better decisions.


Fully integrated with our Public Admin Suites

Access data from other CentralSquare solutions in a single view. Stop piecing together information from different systems and simplify your reporting and decision making with a 360-degree view of your data with embedded analytics.


Analytics Powered by AI

Built-in artificial intelligence enables public sector users to use predictive analytics and other advanced tools to model future behavior based on certain events such as a changing demographic or economy.


Paint pictures with data

Easily create customized reports and dashboards the way you want them, transforming the mass of data into crisp visualizations and reports for better decision making. Then schedule and email those reports automatically to everyone without more work each week.

What solutions do we offer?

Reduce paperwork and automate workflows and reporting
Reduce permitting time by up to 80%
Simplify your utility billing processes

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