Public Admin - Asset Management

Manage all municipal assets as if viewing through a single pane of glass

For all of your assets—water mains, pipes, roads, signs, sewers and everything else that makes a community run smoothly—leverage GIS technology in a mobile public asset and work management software solution to graphically see what’s happening to assets in your community and respond immediately to any issues.


Manage every asset through its lifetime

Easily understand full asset details, including material-parts lists, maintenance scheduling and asset diagramming. More than just an inventory list, CentralSquare Enterprise Asset Management solutions provide an understanding of history, current condition and strategic future.


Reduce costs and build capital reserves

Learn how each asset is affecting finances, how an asset will affect its short- and long-term budgets and how powerful analytics can help you smartly manage future costs.

What solutions do we offer?

Use data science to speed up reporting
Manage every aspect of running a smart community
Get started with a super-fast cloud suite

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