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Cost Savings

Why it's different

Affordable – We understand the importance of making the most out of every budget dollar, with Asyst you get more functionality for less dollars spent on implementing solutions. We can fit any budget, start with a few modules and easily add on later.

Superior Support – 98% of customers are satisfied with the support received from our customer support team. Standard support contracts include unlimited calls, instant chat service, regular enhancements to products and technology, and implementation services from experienced staff.

Easy to Use – Tool bars and menus make the modules easy to navigate. There is a consistent look and feel to all modules, with simple steps to automate processes such as billings, payments and checks. Easily reverse transactions if you make a mistake. Help text is available along with free basic training videos.

Integrated Solution – Eliminate the headache of having to integrate multiple software vendors; Asyst has all the required functionality to automate your entire organization. No manual journal entries – drill down to the source in the General Ledger and see details on customer billed, employees paid, receipts and more.


Why you need it

Asyst is a collection of powerful, user friendly modules constructed for small and mid-sized municipalities to cater a cost-effective integrated software for managing municipal services. Modules can integrate information seamlessly from one to another to help save you time and frustration

  • We offer both desktop and hosted solutions
  • More functionality with a lower software price over our competitors
  • Easily integrate technology such as payments on website, emailing bills, and more
  • No manual journal entries
  • 98% approval rating for customer support satisfaction
  • Support service includes free training videos, instant chat, unlimited calls, and more
  • Municipal government billing software is licensed on a modular basis. Pick and choose only what you need

What you get

Fund Accounting – Asyst’s integrated fund accounting and payroll solution will allow your organization to effectively manage multiple funds and projects. Budget availability is provided in reports, inquiries and as you process transactions. Solid audit trails are provided for transparency.

Utility Billing – Asyst’s utility government billing software is a true cycle billing system that allows your organization to bill for unlimited metered, non-metered and non-recurring charges. Streamline your utility with integrated services orders, electronic readings, delinquent processing and integrated payments.

General Government – Asyst’s general government software allows your organization to track and automate the processing of tax bills, permits, licenses and all code violations. Automate the renewals, inspections and reporting of all activities in your organization.

Municipal Courts & Public Safety – Asyst’s municipal court and public safety modules are designed to automate the information gathering and reporting needs of municipal court and police departments. Citations are entered into the system once so that the data flows from the police to the integrated municipal court database.

What solutions do we offer?

Use data science to speed up reporting
Manage every aspect of running a smart community
Get started with a super-fast cloud suite

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