Mobile Cloud

Fully mobile. Fully cloud-based.

Field staff can access Community Development from their mobile devices directly from inspection sites where they can create reports and file them electronically. They can check on and update projects in the field. Eliminate trips back to the office and time wasted on reentering the information on paper forms.


Designed around your processes

Enter permitting information directly into the software system and use automated workflows aligned with your processes to reduce approval time by as much as 80%. Create a better citizen experience, and get your buildings and houses up faster and on the tax rolls sooner.


Intuitive interface for all citizens

Your citizens can easily enter their request and any needed information online. Once entered they can quickly find the status of that request, dramatically cutting down the number of calls into your office. Create a better customer experience and improve customer satisfaction.

What do we offer?

Reduce paperwork and automate workflows and reporting
Securely connect and engage with your citizens
Use data science to speed up reporting

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