Public Administration - Finance (Enterprise)

Finance Enterprise

Configurable workspaces that adapt to your workflows

Make your job easier with a complete cloud-based financial software system that provides easy access to real-time revenue and cost information. Finance Enterprise lets you use configurable workspaces to customize navigation and screen setup for each user to show them only what they need. Powerful analytics and reporting tools with built-in artificial intelligence allow you to easily create your own reports and schedule for distribution—all in one place.

Public Administration - Finance (Pro)

Finance Pro

A Plug-and-Play Cloud Financial Software System Suite

Deploy a solution that helps manage day-to-day accounting, payroll and purchasing functions for the entire community. Dramatically reduce your processing time for requisitions and eliminate as much as 80% of the paperwork. Simply enter the request and supporting documents, and Finance Pro runs intuitive workflows to automatically route the PO through the system. With CentralSquare's government budgeting software, you can automatically link all project expenses across departments to the general ledger, providing complete visibility into money spent. Spend less time in the office tracking down information and more time managing the fiscal health of your community.

What solutions do we offer?

Reduce permitting time by up to 80%
Simplify your utility billing processes
Use data science to speed up reporting

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