Public Admin - Municipal Services
Public Administration - Citations

Citations and Crash

Reduce time for issuing citations by 80%

Cloud-based electronic citations and reports help you work smarter and faster. With CJIS-compliant, secure and always up-to-date citations, reports and forms, your officers stay safe by reducing the time it takes to issue a citation—from 10 or 15 minutes down to 2 or 3 minutes. Shorter traffic stops result in greater officer safety.

Public Safety - False Alarm Management (FAM)

False Alarm Software

Reduce your false alarms by up to 60%

False Alarm Software integrates with your CAD and RMS to automate false-alarm processing and preserve your resources for true emergencies. With our software, increase your municipal ordinance compliance, reduce false alarms and maximize your collections.

 Jurisdiction Online

Jurisdiction Online

Simplify management of your regulated equipment anywhere, anytime

Jurisdiction Online is a market-leading solution that simplifies regulatory agency workflows for boiler and pressure vessel systems and other regulated equipment like elevators, amusement devices, explosives, asbestos abatement, wind turbines and cranes. It's the only solution in North America that facilitates jurisdictional data sharing within a single, hosted SaaS database.

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Use data science to speed up reporting
Manage every aspect of running a smart community
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