Finance Pro

Public Admin - Finance Pro (single)

A plug-and-play cloud-based finance suite

Deploy a solution that helps manage day-to-day accounting, payroll and purchasing functions for the entire community. Dramatically reduce your processing time for requisitions and eliminate as much as 80% of the paperwork. Simply enter the request and supporting documents, and Finance Pro runs intuitive workflows to automatically route the PO through the system. Automatically link all project expenses across departments to the general ledger, providing complete visibility into money spent. With our public sector technology, you can spend less time in the office tracking down information and more time managing the fiscal health of your community.

Community Development

Community Development

Reduce permitting time by up to 80%

CentralSquare Community Development turns your paper forms into digital workflows and automates your land-use planning, permitting and inspections processes. Enter permitting information directly into the system and use automated workflows aligned with your processes. Create a better citizen experience, and get your buildings and houses up faster and on the tax rolls sooner.

Human Capital Management

Public Administration - Human Capital Management

Just one solution for all hire-to-retire needs

Bring a modern approach to managing your people by using a single suite of intuitive software for everything from employee onboarding to payroll processing to regulatory reporting. Streamline your tedious, manual processes and stay compliant.


Public Admin - Analytics

Data-driven innovation for every community

Use AI-powered advanced analytics to understand which of your programs are working and which need to be fine-tuned. Cut down reporting time with algorithms that write your reports for you.

Asset Management

Public Admin - Asset Management

Manage asset inventories, issue work orders and avoid unplanned replacements

Understand which physical assets you own and which need repair, how the assets are performing, how long they will last and how much it costs to replace or renew them. Avoid costly spikes in unplanned expenditures and build capital reserves for thriving communities.


Public Admin - Utilities

Help your local utility maximize revenue

Deliver premier service by automating and managing every aspect of the customer lifecycle—from new connections to billing to customer service calls. Empowered with flexibility and customization, our software scales up or down as needed to serve communities of any size. And, all of it is built in a secure cloud environment that takes the hassle out of managing antiquated IT systems.

Property Tax

Public Admin - Property Tax

Collect all taxes (and a few compliments)

Collect taxes reliably and quickly using cloud-based software with seamless integration and agile data management that helps you meet the demands of modern communities. Full integration with our public administration suite and no redundant data entry ensures that you are managing every aspect of a thriving community—from collecting taxes to providing all citizen services—as if viewed through a single, unified pane of glass.

Municipal Services

Public Admin - Municipal Services

Supplement your community’s revenue

Benefit from our best-of-breed solutions for citations and false alarm management. All of our products seamlessly integrate into one unified suite—making it easy to optimize critical functions, whether it is seamlessly issuing citations to improve revenues or reducing false alarms to cut down response time during emergencies.

Citizen Engagement

Public Admin - Citizen Engagement

Engage citizens while automating more of your workload

The key to creating sustainable communities starts with exceptional citizen engagement. CentralSquare Citizen Engagement encourages community involvement through an interactive and intuitive cloud-based platform that delivers easy self-service options. Give your citizens 24x7 access to information and secure payment options. Use the data your citizens submit to inform your response.

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