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Diamond ERP

Diamond ERP

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics GP platform, Diamond Municipal Solutions develops, supports and maintains ERP solutions designed specifically for the ever-changing landscape of local government in North America.

Public Administration - Vadim-iCity


With more than 40 years of insight and customer experience in the public sector, Vadim-iCity is a fully developed and supported financial local government ERP system.

Public Administration - USTI


Asyst develops, supports and markets integrated municipal government software throughout the United States and Canada. With over 37 years of experience, Asyst supports over 900 customers across North America.

Public Administration - Tempest


Tempest is the pre-eminent supplier of Windows-based property and revenue systems for the local government sector. Tempest develops innovative solutions for our clients to address their complex, changing, and increasingly demanding requirements.

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Manage every aspect of running a smart community
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