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Why it’s different

Our extensive experience and specialization in the local government market uniquely qualify us to provide your organization with a complete solution starting with fit analysis consulting and leading you to post-implementation reviews and end-user training. Our certified project management and implementation teams will meet your needs and help you move forward with your goals of application integration and better customer service.


Why you need it

Tempest’s suite of products is developed with the cooperation of cities, municipalities and regional governments, our land management system software allows staff and customers to view all aspects of a property in an environment that is both easy to use and comprehensive.

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What you get

Revenue Systems Management – A suite of property related revenue management software that enables local governments to focus on all aspects of revenue operations by combining a comprehensive set of applications that are seamlessly integrated through a centralized Land Management system. The integrated suite of Tempest products ensures uniformity of data, no data redundancy and more efficient and effective access to information enabling more timely and critical business decision making.

Community Development – Automate difficult tasks and streamline licensing and permitting processes. These easy-to-use, integrated systems assist local governments in efficiently managing important revenue generating operations while, at the same time, improving service levels to both the public and the business community.

Bylaws & Ticketing – Streamline operations, automate processes where possible, incorporate workflow management to improve efficiency and accuracy, improve transparency and provide access to services with Web-based services, including self-service facilities.

eGovernment-MyCity™– Empower citizens to define their relationship with their city. Homeowners and businesses in your community can quickly set up a MyCity profile without assistance from your staff. Depending on the modules you choose to implement, with a single sign-on, citizens can view information on their accounts, view and pay bills online, schedule building inspection requests, apply for Home Owner Grants, submit requests for services/complaints, and apply for permits and licenses.

What solutions do we offer?

Use data science to speed up reporting
Manage every aspect of running a smart community
Get started with a super-fast cloud suite

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