Public Administration - Vadim-iCity

Why it’s different

With over 40 years of experience working with the public sector, Vadim-iCity continually invests in development and modernizes local government by offering full functionality and productivity toolsVadim-iCity is a fully integrated suite of billing, municipal and financial ERP systems, that are written and developed in-house, offering both back office and citizen facing functionality.


Why you need it

Vadim-iCity helps eliminate manual processes and boost staff productivity by quickly and easily generating stock reports and exporting data in a timely manner giving you the information you need, when you need it.

Our staff is made up of people who come from municipal government and understand the day to day challenge you face when managing the operations of a municipality. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting client relationships and are proud to say that our first client from 1975 is still a part of our Vadim-iCity family.


What you get

  • Financial Management – Comprehensive financial planning as well as management of projects, procurement processes and suppliers
  • Revenue Management – Property taxation and utility billing
  • Asset Management – Compliance with PSAB and GASB standards
  • Human Resource Management – Tightly integrated HR and payroll modules
  • Municipal Systems – Specialized business processes such as building permits, ticketing, business and pet licensing
  • Citizen Facing Web Services – 24x7 citizen access for key inquiries, applications and payments

What solutions do we offer?

Use data science to speed up reporting
Manage every aspect of running a smart community
Get started with a super-fast cloud suite

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