Public Safety - 911 (Enterprise)

911 Enterprise

Software that smartly handles large call volumes to cut response time

This 911 system software is designed for handling large emergency call volumes, even during the toughest disasters and most complex incidents. Send help faster to the people who really need it with geographically informed visual cues that identify duplicate ringing calls from the same area, especially during major events. Call takers recover valuable time by responding to misdials with an automated text instead of a phone call, while integrated CAD+911 delivers deeper insight through immediate access to caller location and history data.

Public Safety - 911 (Pro)

911 Pro

Eliminate shifting between screens with everything in one place

Spend less time shifting between screens with an integrated CAD+911. Everything in one place means you can send responders to the right place in less time and with less effort, while automated callbacks and call prioritization makes your communication center run more effectively than ever before. With more resources reallocated where it’s most valuable, your time and efforts are focused less on training or dealing with complicated technology and more on saving lives.

What solutions do we offer?

Maximize interoperability and speed up response
Boost situational awareness with tablets, smartphones and wearables
Cut reporting time in half

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