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CAD Enterprise

Integrated response plans across police, fire and EMS

Customize workflows and response plans for every agency you dispatch—police, fire and EMS. Send the right unit to the right place in the fastest amount of time with advanced recommendation capabilities. Save even more time and lives with the ability to locate lost cellphone callers with an outbound text. With the largest bench of talent driving our CAD’s development, it’s the last system you’ll ever buy.


Save money and headaches with managed servers

Reduce your IT headaches and save your agency over 15% of your overall CAD investment with a managed-server system. Save time with one single, integrated software suite that enables you to share information with responders, dispatchers, jail-booking officers and investigators. Using customizable CAD command lines, menus, dashboards and screens, set up your CAD system workflows the way you work.

CAD-to-CAD Interoperability

Public Safety Without Borders

Neighboring public safety agencies share borders, but many do not share real-time incident information or first responder details across borders. Disparate CAD systems lack easy, instant ways to connect and share resources. CAD-to-CAD is an interoperable, cross-jurisdictional tool that connects public safety agencies. This results in a cohesive understanding of critical situations as they unfold, and more lives and property saved.

c-Live Universe (Powered by Carbyne)

Redefining Emergency Collaboration

Fully immerse your dispatchers and first-responders into a scene with real-time video, dynamic location caller location, and live chat from Carbyne's c-Live Universe. Combined with CentralSquare's industry-leading CAD and MDT platform, you have the ability to harness mission-critical information like never before.



A Single View for Real Time Crime Centers

Empower public safety departments with a common operational view for a better, coordinated response. Real Time Crime Centers (RTCC) get a complete view of live and historical information from live video streams, CAD incident details, LPR data, ShotSpotter and more. This provides comprehensive situational awareness, empowering responders and command staff to make better, faster and more informed decisions.

What solutions do we offer?

Save up to 20 minutes on misdialed calls
Boost situational awareness with tablets, smartphones and wearables
Cut reporting time in half

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