Image displaying a CAD system on multiple devices.

Cut Response Times

When PSAPs and agencies connect their CAD systems they benefit from the smarter utilization of resources, greater data accuracy, faster response times and more in order to save lives and restore order.

  • Slash up to 2 minutes of response time
  • Linked CAD systems empower dispatchers to quickly identify, deploy and coordinate resources within an integrated, virtual response area regardless of traditional boundaries
  • Widely deployed and easily integrated
Image showing all of the systems that can be connected to a CAD2CAD hub – PSAPs, Dispatch, Cameras, and more.

Single Platform, Multiple Connections

Connect your CAD to multiple systems through the CentralSquare HUB, with the ability to interface with more than 30 different providers. Can be set up as bidirectional, publish-only (one-way feed to the HUB) or as a data subscriber – allowing you to control the flow of your information. Our patented technology powers seamless connectivity in complex operational environments of police, fire and EMS agencies throughout Canada and the U.S.

Save up to 20 minutes on misdialed calls
Cut reporting time in half
Boost situational awareness with tablets, smartphones and wearables

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