Public Safety - Suite (Enterprise)
Public Safety - 911 (Enterprise)


Smartly handle large call volumes to cut response time

This system is designed to handle large call volumes, even during the toughest disasters and most complex incidents. Send help faster to the people who really need it with geographically informed visual cues that identify duplicate ringing calls from the same area, especially during major events. Call takers recover valuable time by responding to misdials with an automated text instead of a phone call. Get deeper insight with instant access to critical caller location and history data with integrated CAD+911.

Public Safety - CAD (Enterprise)


Integrated response plans across law, fire and EMS

Customize workflows and response plans for every agency you dispatch—law, fire and EMS. Send the right unit to the right place in the fastest amount of time with advanced recommendation capabilities. Save even more time and lives with the ability to locate lost cellphone callers with an outbound text. With the largest bench of talent driving our CAD’s development, it’s the last system you’ll ever buy.

Public Safety - Records (Enterprise)


Enter once and access from anywhere with web-based RMS

Give your officers more time in the community by cutting their reporting time in half. With the customization you need, build your own forms, workflows, notifications, validations, data-collection modules and fast track your reporting. And web-based records mean no upgrades or server maintenance, ever, so your IT team can manage other priorities.

Public Safety - Mobile (Enterprise)


Built for responder safety

Share information seamlessly between responders, dispatchers and supervisors. Place responders proactively where they’re needed. Use mobile mapping and intelligent routing to speed up navigation. Spend less time in the office writing reports and uploading digital evidence and more time out in the community.

Public Safety - Jail (Enterprise)


Run even the largest correctional facilities like clockwork

Speed up your bookings by automating paperwork. Access data from arrests, warrants and prior incidents. Use real-time, accurate information to improve the way you classify and place inmates. Schedule activities, generate reports and track movement with automation. Stay compliant with NCIC- and state-mandated reporting systems.

Public Safety - Analytics (Enterprise)


Make your briefings count

Make your internal briefings powerful by collecting and tracking the information that will help your team prioritize and strategize more effectively. Search CentralSquare’s national database for records outside your jurisdiction to get insight into your investigations. Use public crime mapping tools to connect with citizens.

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