Our Solution

With CentralSquare's False Alarm Management, managing your alarm program becomes our responsibility. Our comprehensive services solution administers alarm system registration and renewals, tracks and processes false alarms, manages fees and fine collections, and processes appeals.

All correspondence, invoices, telephone scripts and public-facing webpages are customized to meet your business objectives. We serve as your partner in reducing false alarms while maximizing citizen compliance and engagement.


Public Safety - False Alarm Management (FAM)

Benefits to Your Agency

  • Fewer False Alarms – False alarm reductions of more than 60%
  • Efficient Processing – Processing rates as high as 250 violations in 40 minutes
  • Improved Compliance – Permit increases of up to 50%
  • Increased Collections – Collection rates of more then 85%

What solutions do we offer?

Save up to 20 minutes on misdialed calls
Plug-and-play public safety suite

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