Mobile Enterprise (Powered by Inform)

Public Safety - Mobile Enterprise

Built for responder safety

Share information seamlessly between responders, dispatchers and supervisors. Place responders proactively where they’re needed. Use mobile mapping and intelligent routing to speed up navigation. Spend less time in the office writing reports and uploading digital evidence and more time out in the community.

Mobile Pro (Powered by Zuercher)

Public Safety - Mobile Pro

Stay safe and save time on field reports

Display only what each user needs to perform her role, without overwhelming her. Enable users to pick a view and set up their own dashboards and commands. Provide responders with critical background information, alerts and mapping data. Stay safe in the field and save time with painless field reporting and the ability to upload digital evidence.

What solutions do we offer?

Computer Aided Dispatch
Maximize interoperability and speed up response
Cut reporting time in half
Solve cases faster and prevent crime with embedded AI

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