PSJ Pro Suite
Public Safety - 911 (Pro)


Eliminate shifting between screens with everything in one place

Public Safety Suite Pro allows you to spend less time shifting between screens with the integrated CAD+911. Everything in one place means you can send responders to the right place in less time and with less effort, while automated callbacks and call prioritization makes your communication center run more efficiently than ever before. With more resources back where they're most needed, your time and efforts are focused less on training or dealing with complicated technology and more on saving lives.

Public Safety - CAD (Pro)


Save money and headaches with managed servers

Reduce your IT headaches and save your agency over 15% of your overall CAD investment with a managed-server system. Save time with one single, integrated software suite that enables you to share information with responders, dispatchers, jail-booking officers and investigators. Using customizable CAD command lines, menus, dashboards and screens, set up your CAD workflows the way you work.

Public Safety - Records (Pro)


Disarm any headaches with a plug-and-play RMS

Replace paper and spreadsheets with a clean, plug-and-play RMS that features custom fields, forms, modules, dashboards and a built-in report generator. Enter once, and you're done, as all information flows across the integrated public safety suite. We manage and maintain your servers and update them remotely so that you are always compliant with regulatory requirements and have the latest software at your fingertips.

Public Safety - Mobile (Pro)


Stay safe and save time on field reports

Display only what each user needs to perform her role without overwhelming her. Enable users to pick a view and set up their own dashboards and commands. Provide responders with critical background information, alerts and mapping data. Stay safe in the field and save time with painless field reporting and the ability to upload digital evidence.

Public Safety - Jail (Pro)


Manage it all, without being overwhelmed by details

Spend less time tracking down and keying in information. With one easy-to-use and familiar user interface across CAD, records and jail, training is simple for your staff. Get valuable insights from built-in reporting, custom forms and dashboards. Drop your booking time from 45 minutes to 15 minutes per inmate with your data all in one place.

Public Safety - Analytics (Pro)


Share your data for transparency

Identify trends and patterns and use that knowledge to assign patrols or send alerts to field staff. Search and report on your data and use a national database to support your investigations. Get crime mapping tools to help citizens identify risks in their neighborhoods.

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