Records Enterprise (Powered by Inform)

Enter once and access anywhere with web-based RMS

Give your officers more time in the community by cutting their reporting time in half. With the customization you need, build your own forms, workflows, notifications, validations, data collection modules and fast track your reporting. And web-based records mean no upgrades or server maintenance, ever, so your IT team can manage other priorities.

Records Pro (Powered by Zuercher)

Disarm any headaches with a plug-and-play RMS

Replace paper and spreadsheets with a clean, plug-and-play RMS that features custom fields, forms, modules, dashboards and a built-in report generator. Enter once, and you're done, as all information flows across the integrated public safety records management system. We manage and maintain your servers and update them remotely so that you are always compliant with regulatory requirements and have the latest software at your fingertips.

What solutions do we offer?

Save up to 20 minutes on misdialed calls
Computer Aided Dispatch
Maximize interoperability and speed up response
Solve cases faster and prevent crime with embedded AI

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