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JUL 07, 2022



Paragould, AR City Council Selects CentralSquare Pro Suite to Improve 911 Dispatcher Efficiencies

Paragould, Ark., is the county seat of Greene County, and the 19th largest city in Arkansas. The city, located in northeastern Arkansas, has a population of just under 30,000, with about 11,000 households. That population has grown by 14% since 2010, twice that of the United States as a whole.

Paragould’s Challenge

The city of Paragould had been relying on Motorola Vesta for its emergency dispatch needs, but officials were looking for a simpler solution. Staffers found the software difficult to use, training a 911 dispatcher was a long and complicated process, and other applications such as RMS, police CAD and Mobile required switching between multiple computer screens.

Those issues and others meant response times weren’t what Paragould agencies thought were acceptable.

CentralSquare’s Solution

Paragould officials selected CentralSquare’s 911 Pro to replace Motorola Vesta for its emergency dispatch needs. The 911 solution provides dispatchers with easy-to-use software applications and key tools such as improved location resources, to make their jobs simpler and help provide better services to the citizens they serve.

The solution, part of CentralSquare’s Public Safety Suite Pro, allows dispatchers to spend less time shifting between screens with the integrated CAD+911. Having all the tools they need in one place means they can send responders to the right place in less time and with less effort, while automated callbacks and call prioritization help the communication center run more efficiently than ever before.

And because 911 Pro is scalable, it can easily handle the city’s growth.

How CentralSquare has Helped Improve Paragould’s Efficiencies

CentralSquare’s 911 Pro Suite provides responders and office staff with the latest information and historical data when they need it most. Its integrated CAD+911 eliminates the burden of shifting between screens during emergency situations, allowing dispatchers to send the right responders to the right place in less time and with less effort.

The CentralSquare solution provides everything public agencies need—911, CAD, RMS, Mobile and Jail— all in one place. Automated callbacks and call prioritization help the city’s communication center run more effectively, and resources are allocated to where they are most valuable. Automated report generation means dispatchers spend less time behind a desk filling out reports.

The result is that users’ time and efforts are focused less on training to use complicated technology and doing paperwork, and more on saving lives.

“911 Pro is incredibly dispatcher-friendly and will go a long way in making our dispatchers’ day-to-day job much easier,” Mike McCammon, 911 Director for Paragould Emergency Services, said. “Features like report generators, advanced abandoned call processing and call prioritization, will free up our dispatchers to do what matters most – responding to emergency calls and coordinating lifesaving emergency response.”

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