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FEB 14, 2020



San Mateo County, California: How the Cloud Helped Elevate the County’s (Finance) Operations

Located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, San Mateo County has over 700,000 residents and shares a border with San Francisco County. Due to its proximity to Silicon Valley, many of San Mateo County residents and its 6,000 employees expect their government to be just as fast, efficient and technologically advanced as the surrounding community where they live.

A customer since 1994, San Mateo County has maintained a relationship with CentralSquare that’s built on a proven foundation of trust, reliability and the company’s dedication to customer success. Throughout the years, CentralSquare has provided high quality customer service through support, implementation services and training teams to make sure the county took full advantage of all the benefits CentralSquare’s cloud services offers.

Handling Changing Needs

Tasked with meeting the increased demands of a technologically savvy community, San Mateo County decided it had to streamline their operations to ensure increased accessibility and efficient workflows for its employees and cost savings for the county. With that in mind, the county sought a solution to help navigate this increasingly complex digital environment. It found the solution with CentralSquare Cloud. But any change in technology can be tricky, especially for the staff who use it. “People were afraid because they felt like they would lose control of the data,” said Ocean Sun, Controller Information System Manager of San Mateo County. “And I assured them that wasn’t going to happen.”

How the Cloud Alleviates Operational Worry

San Mateo County has discovered the powerful benefits that investing in the cloud can bring to its operations.

CentralSquare Cloud enabled the county to keep pace with its increasingly complex operations by delivering intuitive models that were primed for the county’s exact needs. “I don’t have to worry about the operation, data backup, hardware or the infrastructure. Mostly, I don’t have to worry about the access recovery plan,” said Sun. “I can really spend all my resources and focus on how I can utilize and leverage the enterprise finance to streamline our business process to make it more efficient and to make more sense for our user.”

San Mateo County employees also greatly benefited from the comprehensive, highly configurable options for different job functions, like exporting checks from accounts payable to the bank every day in a timely manner.

The Cloud Leads to Greater Utilizations of Employee Time

San Mateo County realized the cloud offered them savings that went far beyond just cost. Prior to the county moving its onsite system to the cloud, the IT system needed specialized resources that took away valuable employee resources, time and energy. “Going on the cloud will actually release us from putting out the fire and focus more on improving the user experience for our county.”

Additionally, payments and reports are now fully automated and customizable, freeing up time. “You’ll find that you can really utilize your resources in a more creative and efficient way. We have a lot of great ideas, but we just never had the time to implement them,” said Sun.

CentralSquare Cloud services provided San Mateo County with round-round-the-clock specialized expertise, allowing staff to focus on the city’s additional goals and priorities. “We can focus more on the user part versus needing to worry about everything on the backend because we are handing that off to the CentralSquare team,” said Sun. “It’s a win-win situation for us.”

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