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American Rescue Plan

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The ARP provides $350 billion to help states, counties, cities, and tribal governments recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve put together a list of resources, links, and information to help you maximize your access to funding.

Important Information

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) is an unprecedented $1.9 trillion fiscal relief bill passed by Congress on March 11, 2021, with the intention of helping our country recover from the lost revenue and increased spending that was needed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. $350 billion in funds has been directly allocated to states, cities and counties to not only replace lost revenue but to strategically invest in technology and services to create a foundation for a more effective response to future public health emergencies.



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FREE WEBINAR: ARP Act – How to maximize your access to funding

On May 19, 2021, we hosted a webinar with grants and funding expert Samantha Dorm. Our discussion focused on the latest details of the ARP and its impact on public safety and public administration agencies, as well as strategic tips to help maximize your access to funding.

Watch the webinar recording and hear answers to common questions about ARP funding.

Competitive Grants

Along with ARP funding, CentralSquare can help with competitive grants to help fund your technology programs. We offer free, unlimited grant assistance.

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Learn more about how you can use ARP funding for your technology program.



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