Nearly 1 in 4 law enforcement officers have struggled with their mental health. To keep our officers and communities safe, we're dedicated to making mental wellness a priority.

Partnering With the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum

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As part of our ongoing commitment to support the law enforcement community, we have partnered with the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum to sponsor Trauma and 9/11: Facing Challenges Together.

This important streaming series will explore the jarring and difficult nature of the 9/11 attacks brought a new light to how officer trauma is viewed and how views on officers' mental health have changed over the last two decades.

Premiering November 15, 2021.

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Part I: HOPE

This segment will be presented as a series of 3 one-on-one interviews focusing on hope amidst the trauma of 9/11, including responses to PTSI that have the demonstrated potential; moments of communities pulling together for support; and stories about community organizations supporting those affected by trauma and loss.

November 15, 16, and 17, 2021
Streaming Online
8-9:00pm EST

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Part 2: Together

This open panel conversation will focus specifically on trauma grounded in the 9/11 experience, with therapist-driven opportunities to hear stories of the day from NYC and the Pentagon, life since (including manifestations of PTSI), and steps taken for self-care of mental health. Panelists will include first-responders and health professionals.

November 18, 2021
Streaming Online
8:00-9:30pm EST

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Additional Mental Health Resources From CentralSquare

New York City Skyline at night with the Twin Tower memorial lights shining.
From Our CEO: Post 9/11: Reflecting and Remembering

As we remember those whose lives were lost in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and on Flight 93, we also remember the bravery and sacrifices of countless law enforcement officers, firefighters and first responders. It’s no surprise that police work can be stressful and dangerous, but this also significantly impacts their physical and mental well-being.

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Video screengrab of Commissioner William Evans and Dan Maier discussing mental health in policing.
A Conversation on Mental Health in Policing With Commissioner Billy Evans

Executive Director of Public Safety at Boston College William "Billy" Evans sits down with CentralSquare's Dan Maier to discuss mental health in policing in this 19-minute video. The two leaders discuss Commissioner Evans' experiences as Commissioner of the Boston Police Department, perspective for leaders looking to support officers' mental health, and the ways technology can help.

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Two law enforcement officers standing together near their squad cars.
Recruitment, Retention, and the Mental Health of Current Police Officers

Recruitment and retention are among the many challenges facing current law enforcement agencies and their leaders. It has become increasingly difficult for agencies to not only recruit but also retain the officers they have, which creates additional strain on already stressed resources. This blog post explores how to protect those who protect out communities.

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