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Mental Health Resources for Law Enforcement

Nearly 1 in 4 law enforcement officers have struggled with their mental health. To keep our officers and communities safe, CentralSquare is dedicated to making mental wellness a priority.

Smash the Stigma: Building a culture that supports officer wellness

The biggest safety risk for police officers in 2022 does not come from the streets but from within their own agencies.

As the police suicide crisis continues unabated, agencies must do whatever is within their means to “smash the stigma” that still exists in law enforcement around officers seeking help for mental wellness issues.

In partnership with Police1, CentralSquare has sponsored the Special Digital Edition, Smash the Stigma. This short digital publication will help your agency build trust, remove roadblocks and improve retention in your ranks.

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Partnering With the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum

As part of our ongoing commitment to support the law enforcement community, we have partnered with the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum to sponsor Trauma and 9/11: Facing Challenges Together.

This important streaming series will explore the jarring and difficult nature of the 9/11 attacks bringing new light to how officer trauma is viewed and how views on officers’ mental health have changed over the last two decades.

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Additional Mental Health Resources From CentralSquare

The Fourth 911 – Mental Health Services

Webinar Featuring Austin PD and Integral Care

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Building Resiliency and Hope in Law Enforcement

Top practices to prioritize officers’ mental health

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Caron Treatment Centers have programs specifically to help first responders with trauma, chronic pain, depression, and more.

You are not alone.

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