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Enterprise Asset Management

Manage all your community’s assets in one place

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by understanding which physical assets you own, which need repair, how the assets are performing, how long they will last and how much it costs to replace or renew them – all in one single EAM solution.

Ensure Transparency and Compliance

The scrutiny of government assets is on the rise – every expenditure, service and piece of equipment must be balanced against shrinking budgets and increasing oversight. In addition to doing more with less, Enterprise Asset Management helps provide greater transparency and accessibility to citizens by ensuring visibility and compliance around managing public assets.

Broad Coverage of Any Type of Asset

CentralSquare’s Enterprise Asset Management covers 350+ different types of assets spanning water, electric, traffic, sanitation, sewer and more – ensuring any asset type can be managed.

Solving Traffic and Sanitation Problems With CentralSquare Enterprise Asset Management

Watch this success story featuring Marietta, Georgia discussing how they have used Enterprise Asset Management to specifically manage their sanitation and traffic programs for the city – with electric coming next!

GIS Mapping for a Singular View Over All Your Assets

For all your assets — water mains, pipes, roads, signs, sewers and everything else that makes a community run smoothly — leverage GIS technology to graphically see what’s happening to assets in your community and respond immediately to any issues.

Reducing Costs and Building Capital Reserves

By tracking individual asset details throughout its lifetime – from preventive maintenance to decommissioning – you will learn how each asset is affecting finances, how an asset will affect your short- and long-term budgets and how powerful analytics can help you smartly manage future costs.


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IDS Asset Optimizer

IDS Asset Optimizer and CentralSquare® deliver full asset lifecycle management for smarter management of future infrastructure costs. Coupled with CentralSquare EAM, Asset Optimizer builds a bridge between program development and project delivery, that enables big-picture thinking to better deliver infrastructure services.


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Operation Clean Sweep

Check out this recent webinar featuring New Bedford, MA on how they are using Community Development to enforce a city-wide code on ensuring trash is removed from private property.


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