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Finance Enterprise™

Seamless management of your finance processes – all in one place

Simplify your financial, HR and payroll processes with a configurable cloud-based financial software system that easily scales to meet your growing needs.

Finance, HR and Payroll in One, Easy-to-Use Solution

Doing more with less comes down to helping your team be more efficient – beginning with reducing the mountain of paperwork needed to manage your Finance, HR and Payroll. Arm yourself with a simple, easy-to-use cloud-based finance software solution: Finance Enterprise.

Making Your Job Easier With a Cloud-based Solution

As a cloud-based solution Finance Enterprise helps provide quicker installs, faster updates and allows accessibility via secure single sign-on from any device, making on-the-go approvals and reviews possible.

See Why Tukwila, WA Chose Finance Enterprise

Watch this webinar featuring Vicky Carlsen, Finance Director of the City of Tukwila, Washington who shares the reasons behind Tukwila’s choice of Finance Enterprise as their
go-forward solution to managing finance,
HR and payroll processes.

View the Data the Way You Want to See It

In addition to out-of-the-box features, at the heart of Finance Enterprise is a responsive HTML interface that is easy-to-use and easy to configure to your agency’s needs, helping maximize your time to value. Configurable workspaces and dashboards are tailored to your role to display the information you want to see quickly.

Helping Your Team Work Smarter With Better Decision-making

Featuring advanced analytics and robust workflow automation tools built around your processes, you can transform how you work to make better, smarter decisions for the financial health of your community. With improved accountability and transparency, the public has more insight into how their tax dollars are spent within their community.


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Success Story: Finance Enterprise helps Riverside County Flood Control, CA Better Serve Citizens

“Finance Enterprise has made a significant impact on our efficiencies at the district with a huge budgetary impact.  Now we have room in our budget to implement other projects and engage in construction activity where we might not have been able to before. That has been the biggest area of impact with Finance Enterprise. “

Darrylenn Prudholme-Brockington
Chief of Finance, Riverside County Flood and Water Conservation District, CA


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