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Computer Aided Dispatch

Maximize Interoperability with Real-Time Situational Awareness

When seconds matter, getting the right responder with the right information can save lives. Get the full benefit of bringing your CAD and 911 together for the best, coordinated response.


In an emergency situation the stakes are high, and your agency needs to be able to dispatch help as fast as possible. Keep your community and responders safer with the ability to move beyond jurisdictional boundaries, coordinating across multiple agencies: law, fire and EMS. Save 2-3 minutes per dispatch with the most accurate recommendation capabilities.

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More Data When Every Second Counts

Your dispatchers need to be able to hit the ground running. Save time with one single, integrated software suite that enables you to share information with responders and dispatchers. Advanced location and recommendation capabilities send the right unit to the right location in the fastest amount of time.

See how Seminole County Fire used CLQ to rescue lost kayakers.

Pro CAD Simplifies Multi-agency Dispatch at Morgan County 911, AL

Jeanie Pharis, Director of Morgan County 911, AL, explains how CentralSquare CAD Pro facilitates dispatch for 34 agencies. Responders and dispatchers can find the critical information they need and use mobile CAD for quicker response in the field.

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