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911 Call Taking

Maximize Your Resources With Automation and Information

See how your team can save up to 20 minutes on abandoned calls.

A Proven Next Generation 911 Call-handling Solution

Position your agency for the future with a standards-compliant, 911 call-taking solution that can receive voice calls, texts and all your NG911 data. Communicate the way your citizens expect with integrated Text-to-911 and Call-Center Initiated Texts.

Clackamas County 911, OR Identifies Caller’s Location With CLQ

Watch now to see how Clackamas County 911, OR used Caller Locator Query (CLQ) to pinpoint their caller’s location.

Informed Response to Increase Situational Awareness

Bridge the divide between CAD and 911, sharing information the second the call rings into queue. By integrating your CAD and 911, get features like call answer prioritization with your CAD Enterprise and call control and integrated reporting with CAD Pro.

Save Time and Prioritize Response

  • Send help faster with optimized and intuitive user interface
  • Simplify with single click functions, keyboard shortcuts and programmable actions
  • Design a layout that supports your workflows with multiple monitors and backup phones showing ALI/ANI


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Using Advanced CAD and 911 Features in Hamilton County TN

Watch now to see how Hamilton County, TN uses CAD and 911 features to save time and lives.

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