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CentralSquare Unify™ (CAD-to-CAD)

Move beyond jurisdictional boundaries

Emergencies span borders, but CAD systems often don’t. CentralSquare Unify is a CAD-to-CAD interoperability network connects within the systems you already use to save time, save lives and keep your PSAP professionals off the phone so they can take and dispatch 911 calls.

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A Unified System Built to Maximize Public Safety

CentralSquare Unify offers cross-jurisdictional glue to connect public safety agencies to one another when a crisis strikes. Through our patented and deployed technology, dispatch centers can communicate seamlessly via a full bi-directional data-sharing network, to send the best, most appropriate unit to any call, regardless of jurisdictional boundaries. Responders not only get there faster but also have the latest, updated information that they need on the scene.

Maximizing Interoperability with CentralSquare Unify (CAD-to-CAD) Featuring South Metro Fire Rescue

See what happens when a drowning call crosses jurisdictional boundaries in the Denver metro area. South Metro Fire Rescue moved beyond the imaginary lines, using Unify (CAD-to-CAD) to seamlessly dispatch a West Metro medic unit to a family in crisis on a swimming beach. Watch the call in action and see how the interoperable systems connect.

Fewer Phone Calls, More Time

Free up your PSAP professionals to spend time doing what you need them to do: taking calls and dispatching. Eliminate extra voice communications by sharing data within your CAD seamlessly by connecting your CAD to cooperating agencies, One CentralSquare Unify user reduced phone calls to a coordinating agency by 50%.

Keeping Responders in the Field Safer With CentralSquare Unify CAD-to-CAD at CONFIRE JPA, CA

Steve Lehnhard, CAD Administrator, CONFIRE JPA CA, describes how operational awareness from CentralSquare Unify keeps responders safer in the field. The agency has used CentralSquare software for more than a decade and “each iteration seems to bring new features that basically enhance our ability to serve the public.”


Go beyond basic situational awareness with the capability to share only what you want to share with a platform that you control. Any organization you call regularly can connect:

  • Schools or Universities
  • DOT Road Crews
  • Hospitals
  • Towing Companies
  • Local Media
  • Smaller Public Safety/Health Agencies


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Public Safety without Borders: Emergency Response with CAD-to-CAD Interoperability

Crimes and emergencies don’t stay within jurisdictional borders, and neither should your CAD system. Learn more about CentralSquare Unify™ and the benefits to your agency.

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