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A woman working in a 911 Dispatch Center is talking over a headset.
A woman working in a 911 Dispatch Center is talking over a headset.
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Vertex™ NG911 Call Handling

Taking 911 beyond the call with a leading-edge communications platform.

A Proven Next Generation 911 Call-handling Solution

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CentralSquare Vertex NG911 Call Handling provides all the tools you need to control your center and prioritize resources to better serve your community. With 35 years of proven experience, CentralSquare has developed the industry’s best turnkey, comprehensive NENA i3-compliance solution that is NG911 ready, featuring text-to-911, streaming video, automated translation, audio transcription and more.

All You Need for NG911 Call Handling

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Go Beyond the Call

Use a proven NG911 system ready today for streaming video, Text-to-911 and Call Center Initiated Texts.

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Caller Location

Find cellphone callers with built-in Caller Location Query (CLQ) – no separate app needed.

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Breakdown Silos

Get the full benefit of bringing your CAD and 911 together with innovative integration that improves efficiency.

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Increased backup and security for ensuring critical and private data is protected, while never letting your citizens go without access to 911 even with cyberattacks or natural disasters.

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Automated Text Translation

Allow telecommunicators to start communicating in any of 135+ languages in less than 30 seconds.

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Control Your Center

Use integrated features within your 911 to operate doors, intercoms, light towers, radio headset relays and more.

Communicate With Callers in 135+ Languages in Under 30 Seconds

Vertex removes the need for most 3rd party translation services with automated text translation and audio transcription tools. This saves significant time spent by the telecommunicator calling in to an external translation service, letting their focus remain on supporting critical responses to emergencies. Help every member in your community, regardless of language, with CentralSquare Vertex.

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Clackamas County 911, OR Identifies Caller’s Location With CLQ

Watch now to see how Clackamas County 911, OR used Caller Locator Query (CLQ) to pinpoint their caller’s location.

Desktop image of CentralSquare's Vertex NG911 Call Handling Solution.

Save Time With Prioritized Response

Empower your team to send help faster to the people who really need it with operational innovations:

  • Respond to misdials with automated text messages
  • Sort and route calls with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) for multiple agencies using pre-recorded greetings
  • Completely customizable layout personalized for your workflows

Using Advanced CAD and 911 Features in Hamilton County TN

Watch now to see how Hamilton County, TN uses CAD and 911 features to save time and lives.

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