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Our Leadership

Meet the visionaries guiding our team.


Headshot of Manolis Kotzabasakis, CentralSquare's Chief Executive Officer

Manolis Kotzabasakis

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Ron Anderson, CentralSquare's Chief Sales Officer

Ron Anderson

Chief Sales Officer

Headshot of David Bartelli CentralSquare's Chief Information Security Officer

David Bartelli

Chief Information Security Officer

Headshot of Tim Boyle, Chief Customer Officer

Tim Boyle

Chief Customer Officer

Headshot of Sara Grilliot, Chief Financial Officer

Sara Grilliot

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Weston Helms, Chief Strategy Officer

Weston Helms

Chief Strategy Officer

Headshot of Namita Jindal, Chief Information Officer

Namita Jindal

Chief Information Officer

Headshot of Barry Medintz, General Counsel

Barry Medintz

General Counsel

Chief Marketing Officer, Melissa Pippine

Melissa Pippine

Chief Marketing Officer

Headshot of Natalie Stute, Chief Human Resources Officer

Natalie Stute

Chief Human Resources Officer

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