April 4, 2019

CentralSquare Introduces the World’s First End-to-End, Cloud-Based Software for Mid-Tier Government: Early Adopters Benefit from Greater Security, Immediate Updates and Lower Costs

CentralSquare Finance Pro eliminates the need for vulnerable onsite servers and reduces the cost of maintenance by as much as 50 percent for Tehama County, California

Lake Mary, Fla., April 4, 2019 — CentralSquare, a leader in public sector software, announced today that Tehama County, California, has begun their migration to Public Administration Finance Professional, CentralSquare’s cloud-hosted finance suite, to manage the county’s accounting, payroll and treasury functions. CentralSquare Finance Pro, a cloud-based financial software solution, provides numerous benefits, including more secure and resilient environments as a result of greater emphasis on disaster recovery and backup, ongoing and automated updates for leveraging the latest functionality and lower total cost of ownership, making it the most compelling software suite for local governments nationwide.

“We no longer have to maintain servers onsite, so there’s an extra level of security and reliability,” said Krista Peterson, Assistant Auditor for Tehama County. “That’s especially important right now with several neighboring counties experiencing massive fires recently, so having our data storage securely maintained by CentralSquare offsite is a big plus for us.”

She adds, “It has been difficult to find the budget for upgrades and additional IT services for our onsite system. Now, anytime there’s an update, we’ll have the latest and greatest without the need to contract out for IT assistance to help with basic needs like W-2 or 1099 updates.”

According to CentralSquare Public Administration Senior Vice President and General Manager Tom Amburgey, “More than half of our customers say they will be moving to the cloud within three years, and nearly three quarters of government workloads are expected to be in the cloud by 2021. Our leadership in the cloud further strengthens our position to lead that transformation.”

In today’s digitally connected world, emerging technologies have the potential to transform public service operations. Yet government agencies are challenged by increased demands on limited resources and cumbersome IT systems, even as they recognize the need to rethink their use and adoption of technology. CentralSquare Public Administration Suite Pro answers this challenge by delivering a unified, end-to-end enterprise suite for finance, asset management, community development, human capital management, municipal services, utilities and citizen engagement.

Among its many innovative advancements, Public Administration Suite Pro helps improve government operations and citizen satisfaction by offering:

  • Workspaces that enable easy access to finance, utility billing, community development and analytics software from a single, intuitive user interface.
  • Single sign-on and user-management launch point that simplifies the login process and eliminates the hassle of remembering multiple passwords.
  • Workflow engine that streamlines paper forms into digital workflows and automates land-use planning, permitting and inspection processes for community development.
  • Citizen engagement portal which empowers citizens with the convenience of applying online for building permits, business licenses, code compliance and utilities, without the extra effort of having to call or visit the municipality.

By taking advantage of the benefits of the cloud, public sector agencies maximize limited resources, increase IT flexibility and improve service. Shared infrastructure and economies of scale leverage scarce budget dollars by enabling agencies to scale their usage to match requirements, pay for only the IT resources they use and centralize IT services and data elements on a secure network. Additionally, Public Administration Pro’s embedded analytics and automation unify business processes spanning multiple applications and datasets through a single user interface. As a result, governments realign organizational thinking by shifting their focus away from managing data to providing services, which creates a significant and measurable impact for citizens.

Peterson adds, “This cloud-based product opens a multitude of opportunities for us, and we’re excited to see the immediate benefits of smarter reporting, smoother workflows and better experience overall.”

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