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MAY 02, 2022



Enterprise Asset Management: Choosing an Effective Solution to Serve Your Community

Having modernized technology to track and manage your municipality’s assets is a necessity to keep up with ever-increasing demands. For growing communities, as population size increases, the number of assets needed to manage also grows. As demand grows, technology must advance.

Elements of an Effective EAM Solution

Good management and tracking of your community’s assets are key.

While keeping track of a community’s assets is a basic practice, it is just as essential as any advanced update to EAM software.

Your EAM solution should help you understand which physical assets you own, which need repair, how they are performing, how long they will last and how much it costs to replace or renew them.

Preventive maintenance saves your community’s assets and money.

With a solution that tracks how your assets are performing, your system is collecting the necessary data needed to be proactive rather than reactive to emergencies. Failed or damaged municipal assets can bare consequences such as property damage, and can even be a threat to public safety.

Knowing the status of your assets can help avoid spending unnecessary money on unpredicted repairs or replacements.

Your EAM software should stimulate sustainability.

The scrutiny of government assets is on the rise – every expenditure, service and piece of equipment must be balanced against shrinking budgets and increasing oversight.

Considering factors like budget and government oversight, data from your EAM software should show if your municipality’s assets are sustainable. It is important to understand where resources and finances are being invested, and whether those resources should be scaled up or decreased.

Having this data and being able to communicate it to stakeholders such as local government officials, or even community members, is important when making future asset investments.

The Benefits of GIS Integration

GIS integrations into EAM software give municipalities advanced location status for assets that are scattered across a service district. This is helpful for municipalities that are asset intensive. This capability not only applies to assets in a fixed location, but also benefits the mobile workforce.

As technology moves to the cloud, EAM software must be mobile. Mobility allows field staff to be more efficient, allowing them the ability to complete their tasks on the go.

Managers can also locate, assign and distribute their field staff more efficiently.

Automated Solution for Efficiency

When it comes to EAM software, automated workflows are more than just reducing paperwork; however, automated processes add to a municipality’s ability to be more proactive than reactive.

New technologies are exploring the capabilities of using data including temperature ranges, pressure thresholds, traffic patterns and other information to evaluate how assets are performing, identify potential needs for service or repair and automatically schedule asset maintenance.

Data and analytics now serve as a tool to develop asset maintenance schedules. Managers can easily assign field staff to respond to requests when needed.

Better data produces better results.

Is Your Municipality Ready to Consider a Modernized EAM Solution?

Society is accustomed to technological advances and updates that make daily more efficient. The public sector has to be able to keep up with modern solutions to serve increasing demands, and to ensure that community operations are sustainable for the future.

Your city needs modern EAM software that fits your community’s needs. If you have not taken inventory of your current solution, take the opportunity today to evaluate if your operations are efficient.

Does your current software align with your present and future plans?  

Explore CentralSquare’s Enterprise Asset Management software fits your municipality’s unique requirements for managing assets.

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